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Ezymsg is more than an easy-to-use self-service platform for sending emails. It's a flexible toolset, backed by expert support, to help you transform how you engage with your customers.

A well executed email marketing strategy is the backbone of all good marketing campaigns - let us help you build the foundations of a great customer experience by helping you understand how to communicate with the right people, at the right time and in the right voice.

Get started on your email marketing campaign with Ezymsg. Promote your brand and customise your messages with our easy to use drag and drop editor.

We have a wide variety of professionally-designed templates to choose from or you can start from scratch for better control on your design.

Ezymsg offers a ton of features to help you personalise your messages for better audience engagement including wildcards, A/B testing and list segmentation.

Ezymsg has all the tools to help you manage your lists efficiently and build engagement with your audience.

Create your own Subscribe and Sign Up forms to help grow your lists. Find out what your audiences are interested in or events they'd like to attend through Surveys and RSVPs.

Tailor your messages and send them to target groups to personalise your audiences' experiences. You can do it all in one platform.

Ezymsg grows with you, with integration and automation tools to help you do more. With ready-made integrations for Salesforce, Shopify, Eventbrite and more, you can connect with your contacts wherever they are. Use Zapier or our API to integrate with your CRM or other platforms. Then use automation to build deeper engagement, with welcome messages, timed promotions, and even advanced workflows to precisely target the right people at the right time.

Ezymsg’s reporting and data analysis tools make it easy to measure the performance and improve upon your email marketing campaigns.

By using this readily available data and looping it back to inform your strategy, we can help you understand and develop your consumer segments to encourage growth - who are they, what do they want and how do they interact with your company?

With this intelligence at your fingertips, you can focus your future communication frameworks to best effect.

An easy-to-use self-service platform is a great start, but what happens if you get stuck or need some guidance?

With Ezymsg, you're not alone. Our support team is on hand to provide assistance as you get started, and expert advice as you build your marketing strategy.

Ezymsg is backed by Butterfly, a digital agency that builds custom websites and solutions to help clients transform. We use those same skills to help you transform your marketing communications.

We offer training to help you get started, and design custom email templates that reflect your brand and communication style.

As your marketing strategy evolves, speak to us for advice on how you can use the automation and integration tools in Ezymsg to achieve your goals.